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Please consider a monthly, recurring donation of $20.83 over the course of 12 months. The total amount of your 12 generous monthly contributions pay for one club-foot surgery and changes the life of a child forever.
We are grateful for your generous donation of any amount to put towards general program expenses, and operating costs. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt via email for tax purposes.

guild & groups

Mending Kids International and the nonprofit, The Ethiopian Family Fund, have a unique and special relationship. EFF and Mending Kids come together to create fundraisers specifically for Ethiopian children with life-threatening heart and spinal conditions. EFF also travels to Addis Ababa annually with a team of volunteers on a Mending Kids medical mission.
Originally intended to provide financial and emotional support to the children and their families, it has over the last 2 years, grown and become actively involved and more committed in raising funds to provide even more surgeries for more Filipino kids.
Based in Malibu, CA, the Malibu Guild works to support the children of Mending Kids around the globe through its ongoing fundraising efforts and events. The money we raise directly supports the children of Mending Kids International who are currently awaiting life-changing, life-saving surgeries.

Mending Kids is always thrilled to receive donations of any kind that can help us fulfill our mission. Donations from diapers to coloring books, from office supplies to peanut butter, are a huge help on our medical missions. We also welcome service-related donations, from free storage or shipping, to printing services. Please email if you would like to donate any of these items or services. Thank you!

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