Mission: United States

US Hometown Mission: Los Angeles Facts

  • Location: Los Angeles, United States

  • Population: 16,370,000

  • Dates: 07/25/2017 - 07/25/2017

  • Focus: General, urology, ENT, orthopedic, plastics

  • Complexity: Medium

  • Training: Low

  • Average Mended: 20

  • Partners: Specialty Surgical Center


Mission Video

A Look Back at Hometown Mission: 2014

Mission Brief

The Need
In Los Angeles, thousands of children live below the poverty line and are denied insurance coverage for non-life-threatening physical deformities that are considered “cosmetic” issues under state programs. Many families who do have insurance coverage for their children are still unable to afford the deductible required of them. Children living with these conditions have no options for healthcare coverage or governmental medical aid, and are therefore vulnerable to a life of bullying, shame, and embarrassment. This deprives children of their opportunity to thrive, develop self-confidence, and unfold their full potentials.

The Mission
Established in 2013 as a response to the growing need of basic surgical care in the most impoverished communities in Los Angeles, the Mending Kids Hometown Mission aims to give a second chance to these underserved children who lack insurance or who have been denied coverage for the treatment they need. Mending Kids is committed to providing all surgical interventions completely free of charge to these patients. Our team is comprised of volunteer medical personnel and board certified pediatric surgeons of various specialties, ranging anywhere from orthopedic, plastic & reconstructive, ENT, urology, and general surgeries. This is the 5th annual Mending Kids mission of its kind, and will take place in July 2017 with the goal of mending 20 kids with outpatient procedures.

The date of this mission is not yet finalized.

Mending Kids is committed to the growth of the Hometown Mission and has thus formed a partnership with the Specialty Surgical Center. This partnership will foster access to even more underserved communities all over Southern California and the United States. Mending Kids is also forging strong corporate partnerships that will help cover major transportation and medical expenses, in order to guarantee that the children receive the best possible care from the top specialists in the their fields. Mending Kids hopes to have several Hometown Missions throughout the coming years and in various regions of the United States.

Join our team by donating today in support of Mending Kids’ efforts to help children live longer, stronger lives.

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